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More locations named after our charity

2021-06-10 13:37:30


The team led by the chairman of the board of our charity has visited three major towns in the region of Lower Silesia: Jelenia Góra, Sosnowiec, and Kielce. Overall, the number of different locations - roundabouts, city squares, bridges - named after our charity increased to 35 across the entire country. We are very happy to hear that the decisions about naming new locations after our charity are usually unanimous and backed by local councils and communities, that want to show that the work of our charity has a local and national impact. 


Locations named after our charity include hospital wards, bridges, murals, city squares, but roundabouts are by far the most popular city features named after our charity. We hope to open even more locations associated with our work in the future! 


Rondo w Kielcach, fot. Bartosz Chodorowski

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