Grand Finale

First colourful Collection Boxes printed

2017-12-04 16:25:49

Each year we are joined by 120 000 volunteers and each of them totes around a vibrantly coloured cardboard Collection Box. Traditionally, we arrived in Łódź to turn on Stora Enso printing press and see the first Grand Finale 2018 Collection Boxes! 


Our friends from Stora Enso have been working with us for 20 years, and they know the ins and outs of Collection Boxes printing process - even though an individual Collection Box can sometimes contain donations amounting to thousands of PLN in cash and other valuables, it should be easy to assemble - and paradoxically easy to open as well. The boxes should be sturdy, yet light, very colourful and the unique design should be rendered vibrantly so that volunteers carrying them are easy to identify. 

This year we will be printing 180 000 Collection Boxes, which will be then sent to over 17000 Collection Centres globally. 


Jurek Owsiak uroczyście rozpoczął produkcję kolorowych skarbonek w łódzkiej fabryce Stora Enso

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