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We purchased 95 devices to support the respiratory system of newborns

2022-12-08 18:30:00

Research shows that prematurely born babies struggle to breathe, so non-invasive methods of support, which are safe to use on vulnerable babies, are vital in providing care and treatment. Therefore, for nearly 20 year we have been running the Neonatal Non-invasive Respiratory Support Programme. Today we have purchased another batch of equipment to support the initiative. The total cost of the devices sums up to PLN 9,398.961.25.


Bidders during the 64th Open Tender, photo: Łukasz Widziszowski


The 64th Open Tender was a success! It took us just one day to buy 95 devices for 58 facilities in 52 cities. We could count on the support of the experts' committee, i.e. a committee of practising doctors from different parts of Poland.


Today’s purchase was made possible thanks to the funds raised during the 29th Grand Finale. The result of the fundraiser held in 2021 was equal to PLN 210,813,830.10.


We bought 95 devices:

  • Non-invasive respiratory support device for newborns, nCPAP - 34 units (DUTCHMED)

  • Mobile incubator with ventilator – 10 units (DUTCHMED)

  • Ventilator for newborns, infants, and children (with HFO) – 26 units (DUTCHMED)

  • High-flow respiratory therapy device – 25 units (FISHER & PAYKEL)


See the list of facilities which received the equipment. 


64th Open Tender, photo: Łukasz Widziszowski


The experts committee during the 64th Open Tender:

  • dr hab. n. med. Maria Wilińska
  • dr n. med. Elżbieta Kulikowska
  • dr n. med. Elżbieta Nowacka
  • dr hab. n. med. Iwona Sadowska-Krawczenko
  • dr Andrzej Piotrowski
  • mgr inż. Marcin Gostyński


64th Open Tender, photo: Łukasz Widziszowski


Learn more about the Neonatal Non-invasive Respiratory Support Programme!

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