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Grand Finale

We have reached the declared amount of the fundraiser!

2023-02-17 17:00:00

PLN 154,606,764 – it was the declared amount of the 31st Grand Finale fundraiser at the end of the day. This afternoon, we have reached a total of PLN 158,077,563, and we still keep on counting the money raised! The final result will be announced on 31 March 2023. 


Jurek Owsiak during the 31st Grand Finale, photo: Michał Kwaśniewski


What is a declared amount?


A declared amount of the fundraiser is the sum of all the estimated amounts declared by Collection Centres, preliminary results of electronic fundraisers as for the end of the day of the Grand Finale, and donations pledged by the donors. 


Some forms of supporting the Grand Finale's objective are still open after the Grand Finale day ends. What is more, settling the accounts may take up to a few weeks. Therefore, each year the declared amount and the final result of the fundraiser differ. The 30th Grand Finale, held in 2022, ended with the preliminary result of PLN 136,282,325, but the final result reached the amount of PLN 224,376,706.35, i.e. over PLN 88 million more. 


Once we announced today's preliminary result of the fundraiser, our online counter at was stopped and will be updated on 31 March, as soon as we get to know the final result of the Grand Finale fundraiser. 



The 31st Grand Finale fundraiser's main objective was the fight against sepsis. 1653 Collection Centres around the world organized fundraisers and thousands of activities. We thank everyone who played together in our Great Orchestra!

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