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Grand Finale

Preliminary Result Tallies with the Sum in our Account

2021-02-25 17:11:39


PLN 127 495 626 is the preliminary result of our Grand Finale fundraiser. Today, at 16:00 sharp, the sum in our account has caught up with the preliminary result we announced at midnight on the fundraiser's day. The count will continue until March 29th, when the result of this year's collection is announced. 


The preliminary result of the Grand Finale fundraiser is based on estimate results we receive from local Collection Centres, on the results of online fundraisers and a preliminary tally of the online auctions. Each year we launch an online counter, which is updated twice daily to show our fundraiser's progress. Our custom is to stop the counter once the sum in our account catches up with the preliminary result. The big count of funds will go on behind the scenes until the result of the Grand Finale 2021 is eventually published on March 29th, 2021. 



We aim to buy medical equipment to aid children's laryngology, otolaryngology, and head diagnostics, investing astronomical sums of money into the best equipment science offers to improve the level of care offered to children in public hospitals. The money we raised will also be used to finance the running of our medical initiatives such as the Nationwide New-born Hearing Screening Programme and Early Cancer Diagnostics in Children and the purchase of rehabilitation equipment for children and young adults. 


It is worth mentioning that our charity is the absolute leader of rankings regarding how many people trust our organization. According to the most recent public opinion poll, an overwhelming 84% of Polish society members trust our charity. We strive to be open and transparent about our activities, and we appreciate that the public supports and trusts us to spend money we receive from them wisely and honestly. 



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