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Grand Finale

Global explosion of joy

2023-01-29 17:18:20



The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity plays all over the world. 87 Collection Centres in 25 different countries, across 4 continents, took our initiative to a new global level.


31st Grand Finale in Bali, photo: GOCC Bali Collection Centre 


There are no borders nor limits to our Orchestra. Thanks to our incredible international Collection Centres, the 31st Grand Finale is held in such distant places as Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the UK, the USA, and at the Polish Polar Station Hornsund in Norway.




Where the sun rises first

Some of our Collection Centres have in fact already closed their gates… As the sun in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Indonesia slowly goes down, our amazing Collection Centres are sharing their preliminary results and fantastic photos from their Grand Finale activities.


 photo: GOCC Collection Centre in Bali


Melbourne, for instance, have totally nailed it! The Collection Centre have raised as many as PLN 43,000 during a three-hour-long Grand Finale. Luckily enough, none of the deadly intruders, incl. spiders and snakes, have killed the mood, they report. Look at those happy faces!



Volunteers in Melbourne, photo: GOCC Melbourne Collection Centre


What’s still ahead of us?


Outdoor swimmers from Iceland for the GOCC

Iceland takes our motto “Stay healthy in a healthy world” quite seriously. A joint gathering for winter swimmers is just one out of many attractions planned for the Grand Finale in Iceland. The local Collection Centre has organized the Get Even with Diabetes Race too, and prepared a number of auctions for all those who are willing to support the initiative.


Wyświetl ten post na Instagramie

Post udostępniony przez WOŚP na Islandii (@wosp.reykjavik)


Even more winter swimmers in the Netherlands

One of the Dutch Collection Centres also encourages all the brave to join in for outdoor swimming. That should be a truly thrilling experience! Be brave, though, a hot cap of tea will wait for all the adventurers.



Love is in the arctic air


The GOCC flag at Polish Polar Station Hornsund, photo: GOCC Collection Centre Polish Polar Station Hornsund


Polish Polar Station Hornsund have come up with a super fun initiative. They have set up their eCollection Box and encouraged everyone to donate. Depending on the fundraiser’s outcome, they are ready to cover a given distance for every PLN 10… Well, let’s make them move!



Scotland lights up the skies

Edinburgh invites you for an exciting motorcycle parade and a music night at La Bella Angele. Listening to live music, auctions, and a light show definitely sounds like perfect plans for celebrating the 31st Grand Finale!


Volunteers of the 31st Grand Finale in Edinburgh, photo: GOCC Edinburgh Collection Centre 

Bidding time!

All roads lead to Rome, they say… The Italian auction has attracted wine lovers from all over the world. The winner will get the opportunity to coin a life-time experience while travelling to a vineyard near Rome and discovering the secrets of sommelier art.



The stakes are getting higher with the auctions put by Jeremy Sochan. A treat for all basketball enthusiasts! Win 4 tickets to the NBA match and start planning your trip to the USA! For all the sworn home bodies, there is also the possibility to bet for Jeremy’s T-shirts or a basketball with his signature!




The new edition of the best-selling book by Robert Makłowicz, „Cafe Museum” published in December 2021, was put to auction by the Croatian Collection Centre. You may still take your chance in the bidding fight today! 


Fancy meeting an Ambassador? Place your bid at the Iceland’s auction. They offered a meeting with the Ambassador of Iceland to Poland, H.E. Hannes Hemisson, in the new Embassy of Iceland in Warsaw.


Visit our platform and take part in the game!



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