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Opening of the GOCC Square in Poznań

2022-10-04 17:05:00

As of 4 October 2022, the square at ul. Wrzoska in Poznań is named after the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity! Thank you. It is an honour. The Mayor of Poznań, Jacek Jaśkowiak and the Chairman of the City Council, Grzegorz Ganowicz took part in the grand opening event. 


During the 30th Grand Finale, the Collection Centres in Poznań raised as much as PLN 1,859,283.08. We wholeheartedly thank all the 2144 volunteers from Poznań!



Thanks to the funds raised in all the past Grand Finales, we purchased 13,571 pieces of medical equipment for hospitals in Poznań for as much as PLN 53,853,233.81.  


The opening of the GOCC Square in Poznań, fot. Chodor


For Poznań, we purchased, i.a.:


  • transport incubator
  • USG device
  • Atom incubator with Fabian ventilator 
  • Mobile stand for non-invasive newborns respiratory support 
  • Ophthalmology IRIS Medical diode laser with a carry case
  • Breathing support mechanism 


Honouring the GOCC stands also for the gratitude for the 30-year-long tradition of activism and carrying help by the Foundation and all the volunteers acting in its ranks. The localization of the Square, in the direct neighbourhood of the new Greater Poland Children's Health Centre at ul. Adama Wrzoska, perfectly matches the profile of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.


We have purchased PLN 3,828,827.81 worth of 1,443 medical devices for the Greater Poland Children's Health Hospital. 


fot. Chodor

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