Grand Finale

Gifts from Medical Suppliers

2020-01-12 20:30:01


We always follow up on our promises and we are very happy to announce that the first medical devices will be delivered to hospitals across the country as soon as possible. Even though we are still months away from actually making purchases with the money raised in the Grand Finale fundraiser, we received devices from medical supply companies. 


Medical Devices donated on the day of the Grand Finale. Photo by Lucyna Lewandowska

  • Ostrów Mazowiecki - 11 Aster recliner chairs 
  • 2 Electric cots
  • 2 hospital beds 



  • open incubator for Wałbrzych
  • patient monitoring system for Bydgoszcz
  • open incubator for Elbląg
  • heart monitoring system for Trzebnica 
  • 5 anti-bedsore mattress for Karczewo 
  • 3 cardiotocographs for Kartuzy 


  • 10 syringe pumps for Warsaw 
  • compact positive pressure pump for Radzymin Podlaski 
  • 2 compact positive pressure pumps for Wieluń and Trzcianka 
  • analgetic monitor for Opole 
  • analgetic monitors for Warsaw 
  • ECG system for Olsztyn 


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