Preliminary fundraiser result: 92 143 798 PLN
Result of the 27th Grand Finale:
175 938 717 PLN
Grand Finale

Record breaking online donations!

2017-03-15 09:59:49

The 25th Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP) turned out to be a great success. All in all, the total collected amounts to 105,570,801.49 PLN. A record was also beaten in terms of the amount of money contributed through online collections and auctions, for which secure payment channels were provided by PayU. Internet users donated over 20 million PLN, more than doubling last year's result.

Here is PayU’s overview of the most important data from online channels supported by it in cooperation with WOŚP:

  •   20,071,299 PLN was collected through applications, websites and online auctions supported by PayU;
  •   Within the online contributions, nearly 11 million PLN came from collections via the following channels:; Wirtualne Serce; Siepomaga;; Facebook and the Grand Finale mobile app, while over 9 million PLN was collected through auctions prepared jointly with Allegro.
  •  Record-high contributions were recorded at, at 9,760,138 million PLN. Donations to WOŚP can still be made on that page.
  • Overall, in the course of the 15 years that PayU has partnered with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, the users of the online payment system have donated more than 60 million PLN to WOŚP.


Online donations reached new heights


The 15 years of cooperation with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity on its Grand Finales is not just a tradition for us, but something we take great pride in. Every year, together with the Orchestra’s partners, we develop online collection functionalities that attract the Internet community. This increases the satisfaction of which we have noted the fact that the total donated via online channels was doubled this year, says Bartosz Berestecki, Member of the Board of PayU S.A.

The statistics of donations from selected collection efforts (,, Wirtualne Serce, Facebook, mobile app) made on the day of the Grand Finale (15 January) by 23:59 show that the most popular amounts donated in online collection efforts were, in order of popularity, 20, 50, 100 and 10 PLN. On the day of the grand finale, 828,660 PLN was collected just from donations of 20 PLN each. Donations below 10 PLN were not very popular, but there were still nearly twice as many of them as last year. 20,129.90 PLN was collected on the day of the Grand Finale from donations of up to 9.99 PLN each.

There were no surprises as far as the payment methods that Internet users chose are concerned. In terms of the number of transactions, as many as 90% of them were made with a quick e-transfer (the so-called pay-by-link), which is settled immediately. The remaining donations were made by debit and credit cards. These data by and large reflect the relative popularity of these payment methods when paying for online shopping.

25th Grand Finale – the highest donations and average donation for selected collections:



Highest donation

Average donation

10 000 PLN

60 PLN

25th Grand Finale mobile app

10 000 PLN

49 PLN

Wirtualne serce

4 000 PLN

37 PLN

2 000 PLN

45 PLN

Facebook app

900 PLN

41 PLN


25th Grand Finale: Online Payment Methods***: 

Payment method

As percentage of the number of donations

As percentage of the value of donations

online e-transfers (pay-by-link)



cards (credit and debit)



                        ***Donations made on,, Wirtualne Serce, Facebook, mobile app.

All donations to WOŚP made within the collections listed above are secured by PayU, which does not charge any commission fees on these transactions.


PayU is one of the biggest providers of payment services for e-businesses worldwide. It is the leader in online payments in Poland and in many local markets. Its objective is to support the growth of the e-commerce market by providing the most state-of-the-art and the fastest online payments, guaranteeing convenience to consumers who use desktops and well as mobile devices. Payment services offered by PayU include one-click payments, mobile payments in the shop's application and online instalments. For more information visit and


Donate on the go!



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