Grand Finale

Instagram Hearts The GOCC

2017-01-13 18:24:57

Make your Instagram account play in the Grand Finale, simply download the indaHash app to join our GOCC campaign. Launch your account to become a part of a digital offensive in aid of the GOCC. Becoming a force for good online is very easy. It is enough to upload a picture of the GOCC red heart sticker, add #wosp2017 and tag 3 friends. 

You will be joining an international platform of digital influencers, spanning 34 countries with 160 thousand registered accounts. IndaHash allows you to arrange a large digital outreach campaign engaging thousands of social influencers in the same time. Cooperation with the GOCC Foundation introduces a new feature - a charitable digital campaign, which soon will be available. The participants of the campaign forego their fees for promoting the brand and contribute them to our cause. 


Fot. Artur Rawicz



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