Deklarowana kwota 31. Finału WOŚP
30 801 860 PLN
Grand Finale

Merry Chrsitmas to all of us!

2022-12-29 14:43:39



Jurek Owsiak: All the best to those who play with our Orchestra. And all the best to those who do not, because our Orchestra plays for all – without exceptions!



For the 31st time, we play with joy which fills our hearts. We want to spread our message loud and clear: “stay healthy in a healthy world”. The dreamlike ocean or jungle may be easy to draw, but let’s do our best so that we can experience the dreamlike world around us in real.



Let it be a gift from us to us for the future, let’s remember that by playing together, giving hope, we can make a difference. Starting with ourselves. Thank you for being a part of the Orchestra. Thank you that despite these difficult times, the Foundation may deliver very real and tangible help to all those in need.



Stand with us! We play in Poland and all around the world!




Jurek Owsiak, photo: Łukasz Widziszowski

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