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CAT Scanner and X-ray for PLN 6 Million

2020-07-06 09:53:52


The equipment donated by the charity has been purchased with the funds we have raised during last year's Grand Finale. The main objective of the 27th Grand Finale fundraiser was to raise money to buy highly specialized medical equipment for major children's hospitals across the country. Institute of Polish Mother's Health Centre in Łódź is public hospitals offering specialized treatment. The hospital received a brand new CAT scanner and x-ray facility worth PLN 6 000 000. 


We are delighted to be here, in Łódź to launch the work of CAT scanner suite and X-ray facility which were purchased as a result of our Grand Finale fundraiser. The CAT scanner we donated to the Institute is one of 13 machines we bought during our 52nd Open Tender, while at the same tender we have bought 15 X-rays. Our aim is to ensure that children's hospitals in Poland can rely on modern, sophisticated medical equipment. We make decisions based on quality rather price. 

                       - Jurek Owsiak, chairman of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation 


fot. Łukasz Widziszowski


The new CAT scanner and x-ray are worth over PLN 6 000 000. It adds up to the rest of the medical equipment we received from the charity, which comes up to PLN 23 000 000. It's impressive equipment we receive from amazing people. We are delighted to receive support from the charity, because we know that our patients will benefit from the equipment. We treat children, sometimes babies, with serious defects and injuries. They require a precise and quick diagnosis. Medical staff at our Institute perform up to 25 000 x-ray scans and over 7 000 CAT scans annually. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

                                                              - professor Maciej Banach, director of the Institute 



fot. Łukasz Widziszowski


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