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Stay Home and Support our Charity!

2021-01-27 16:59:38


We look to be wherever our volunteers and benefactors are. Hence, it comes as no surprise that we are always looking to implement new, digital solutions for online giving and fundraising. We wanted to provide our benefactors with safe, socially distant options to support our charity, keeping that unique, festive spirit very much alive. The online fundraisers surpassed our expectations - as of the early morning hours of January 25th, 2021, ou online collection has totalled PLN 22 809 069! 


Click here to see if one of our online fundraising forms suits you best! 



Wspieraj 29. Finał WOŚP nie wychodząc z domu! fot. Łukasz Widziszowski


eCollection Box 


This time we have looked into moving the experience of donating in aid of our charity, which is closely linked with community spirit, meeting volunteers fundraising in your neighbourhoods' streets. We also wanted to make sure that volunteers, who would otherwise be unable to fundraise due to pandemic restrictions or poor health, could still play their part in our Grand Finale. 

eCollection Box closely mimics the experience of donating in person - you can transfer money into a Collection Box run by a member of your family, or one assigned to your local Collection Centre, or even pitch into the online collection organized by a friendly company, shop, or even a celebrity. Payments are quick and secure. 

Everyone can establish an eCollection Box and try your hand at raising money in aid of our charity. It's quick and hassle-free, but let us tell you - very gratifying. You can tweak the fundraiser's appearance and use your social media to share the link to your online Collection Box. 


Facebook fundraiser

Facebook fundraisers are growing in popularity. You can donate in between scrolling your Facebook wall or create your own fundraiser too! All funds donated through Facebook are transferred in our charity's account directly, and no additional fees are subtracted from payments. 


Donate on our website 

We are keeping it simple - online donation form on our website is by far the most straightforward way of supporting our work. All payments can be made securely and quickly. You can choose to make one payment or become our regular benefactor and donations will be made from your account monthly. 


Other fundraising options include charitable text messages (available on Poland only), Golden Hearts and Cards Auction, and auctions on Allegro platform. 

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