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It's official!

2017-03-07 10:57:04

Two months ago, on January the 15th, we have played in a Grand Finale - people have joined in to support Polish public healthcare for the 25th time! This year we decided to use the funds to purchase equipment for general paediatrics and to ensure that the senior patients receive medical care in a dignified environment. This anniversary fundraiser took a tour around the world - for one day only people came together in locations as remote as Jakarta, China, New Zealand, the Caucasus and the US to raise funds and to build a community of volunteers and socially aware individuals. 



Thank you!


The quarter of a century of our work changed Polish landscape - not only because the majority of Polish hospitals have received vital pieces of equipment or implement one of our five medical programmes, but also because 25 years of the Foundation's work has transformed the way Poles think about voluntary work and social activism. When Jurek Owsiak hosted the first fundraiser 25 years ago no-one expected that it will become such a massive movement, uniting people young and old in a drive to help others. 





The amount raised during the Grand Finale equals modern equipment for Polish paediatric and geriatric wards, improving the level of medical care available in the country. Jerzy Owsiak, the Chairman of the Board of the Foundation, believes that the most vulnerable patients - young children and seniors deserve to receive treatment in a dignified environment and modern equipment is necessary to provide them with the best possible treatment. 


The fundraiser was held in aid of general paediatrics for the 4th time - we have bought equipment for paediatrics with the funds from the 11th, 12th, 24th Grand Finale. Hospital requests connected with last year's fundraiser have shown that the needs of general paediatrics are huge and hospitals need all support then can possibly get. The Board of the Foundation, after consultations with medical professionals, have decided to support general paediatrics yet again. Lidia Niedźwiedzka-Owsiak, who heads the medical department at the Foundation, reveals that in addition to the equipment for paediatric wards in public hospitals, the Foundation will aim to purchase items such as ECG monitors and beds. 


This year the GOCC Foundation will support geriatrics too. When our experts looked into the state of wards treating the oldest, vulnerable, and protractedly ill patients, they have discovered that geriatric wards have been seriously neglected and equipment they had to use was outdated and often simply not fit to be used at all. Four years ago the Foundation decided to begin raising funds for geriatrics. Since the 21st Grand Finale, the Orchestra has spent 71 million PLN to support over 240 geriatric wards in the country. 



Supporting geriatrics



The preliminary amount we were able to announce on the night of the Grand Finale: 62 418 767 PLN and now we are able to announce that the final amount raised at the 25th Grand Finale fundraiser: 


105 570 801,49 PLN


We have received support from different sources: 

  • money donated during a public fundraiser - there were 120 000 volunteers fundraising in Poland and abroad 
  • money donated to Stationary Collection Boxes 
  • money donated into our bank account
  • money donated via debit and credit cards during the public fundraiser and via our charity's website
  • money raised during the Golden Hearts & Cards auction 
  • money raised via mobile donations - via text
  • money raised via our website 
  • money raised via our Facebook page
  • money raised via Virtual Heart (Wituralne Serce) platform 
  • money raised via platform 
  • money raised by our sponsors and partners in separate actions 
  • money donated by our sponsors 
  • money raised via Allegro auctioning platform, which broke all records this year, bringing us 9 141 390,87 PLN


The costs incurred by the fundraiser 3.8% of funds raised during the Grand Finale. 


The Collection Centres shoulder the responsibility of holding the Grand Finale fundraiser locally. This year we have played with 1 680 Collection Centres. There were 1 478 Collection Centres running the Grand Finale in Poland, and 57 Collection Centres joined in from abroad. 



Grand Finale telethon



Key numbers of the 25th Grand Finale: 

  • 120 000 volunteers worked in aid of the Grand Finale this year 
  • 180 000 cardboard collection boxes 
  • 35 million red heart stickers 
  • 1000 events connected with the Grand Finale fundraiser 
  • 9760138, 38 PLN raised via our website
  • 740, 300 PLN was paid for the most expensive auction - dinner & day with Donald Tusk


Partners of the Grand Finale: 

  • PLAY
  • Bank Pekao S.A.
  • MasterCard
  • TVN



Fireworks display

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