Days until 29th Grand Finale
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Support Collection Centres

How can I help Collection Centres?

If you run a business and would like to get involved in the Grand Finale fundraiser, we encourage you to support your local Collection Centres.

We have some tips on how to begin your cooperation, how to verify if the Collection Centre you have reached out to is registered in our Database, and how to check if the Collection Centre has passed on their funds and accounts after the Grand Finale has finished. 


So, where do I begin? 

There's something you can do to improve the work of the Collection Centre - you would like to support their initiative financially, or you have some goods or services that might help them in their activities, but you don't know where to start?

We suggest you check the list of verified and registered Collection Centres. Pick the nearest one or one that would benefit the most from your help! 

Next step is to get in touch with the Chief of Collection Centre. The Chief of the Collection Centre will be the best source of information about the needs of the team. Usually, Collection Centres need services and supplies such as food and beverages more than they need finances to support their work. 

Please note that everyone involved in the organization of the Grand Finale is working free of charge, while the running of the Collection Centre requires a lot of effort and your support might prove the be invaluable to them! 


What are the ground rules of running a Collection Centre? 

Collection Centres are governed by different sets of Rules an Regulations. The main principle of their work is the fact that a Collection Centre is working for the benefit of the cause stated by the GOCC, but not on behalf of GOCC. The Grand Finale is an event organised thanks to the local efforts, and it means that each Collection Centre takes up full responsibility for its work and operation. It is essential when it comes to the costs incurred by the Collection Centre. The foundation, as a public benefit organisation, cannot be billed for the costs incurred by the Collection Centres. We also can't issue certificates to confirm sponsorship of an individual Collection Centre. 


How can I support a Collection Centre? 

Running a successful Collection Centre requires a lot of effort and resources. Most Collection Centres enter into a barter agreement with businesses and companies - the partners would cover the costs of band's travel expenses or donate office supplies and help a Collection Centre in this manner, for example. 

A lot of companies decide to donate items for charitable auctions. It's a fun and easy way to support the running of a Collection Centre, which enters the items into a charity auction and a great way to promote your company as well! 


What can a Collection Centre offer in return for support? 

During the Closed Events, which are usually held to accompany the Grand Finale fundraiser, Collection Centres can promote companies which supported their work. It's a brilliant way to reach out to your local community and inform them about your company. There are precious few initiatives that have such a massive support from the Polish public and being associated with the charitable action is a great way to promote your company. 

2020-12-01 17:03:42

Online Fundraiser Launched

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