How Does it Work?

There is one basic rule governing the work of the CPR for Schools programme. We train the teachers and provide schools with handbooks and other teaching materials, and in return, the school agrees that pupils will take part in regular CPR lessons. Our aim is to provide each child with teaching materials: 'My CPR Handbook' and toy phone to exercise calling for help. We send the materials free of charge, provided that the school is actively participating in our programme.

So, you might ask us: how does it work exactly? 

Firstly, we invite primary school teachers to take part in CPR training, where they learn how to teach first aid to their pupils. Having completed the course, teachers receive their 'starter packs' of books and gadgets to hand to their pupils. They are now ready to begin their adventure with CPR for Schools programme! 

At the end of each semester, the teachers fill in Lesson Chart and send it to our office. This allows us to keep tabs on how the programme is being run in individual schools and how many pupils have been taught CPR. What is more, sending in a correctly filled Lesson Chart is a guarantee of receiving a new batch of handbooks and teaching aids in the following year. Once we receive an e-mail confirming the number of children to take part in lessons in the following semester, we will send the materials. 

 Check if your child's school is participating in the programme - if not, make sure to let the school know that the participation in the programme is completely free of charge! 


2017-12-12 13:26:38

Work in progress in Munich

For the first time in the 25-year history of the charity a group of enthusiasts came together to prepare to play in the Grand Finale charitable collection on January the 14th!