In aid of our COVID-19 Relief Fund we raised:
11 180 888 PLN

PLN 20 000 000 to Combat Coronavirus Outbreak

2020-03-23 12:07:55


On Sunday, March 22, our charity made an order for 50 thousand personal protection equipment sets consisting of Tyvek Classic model of overalls and shoes, protective goggles, two pairs of Nitrile medical gloves, and valve P3 mask with a medical certificate. The worth of gear amounts to P.L.N. 16 000 000, but the protection it will offer to frontline health workers is invaluable. 


This protective gear, which will be delivered to hospitals across the country, is recommended by international health agencies and has all appropriate certifications. Medical staff, who is on the frontline of the fight with Covid-19 pandemic will have access to P.P.E. within the upcoming weeks. Our charity will deliver protective gear to hospitals according to the instructions we received from the Polish Ministry of Health.

It is important to note how difficult it is to buy protective gear at the moment because the demand for P.P.E. is overwhelming. This emergency purchase, which was motivated by dramatic shortages of protective equipment, will be funded with the money our charity raised during this year's Grand Finale fundraiser and through the funds we received from 1% charitable tax deduction. 


As soon as the Polish health care system launched its response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we reached out to medical equipment dealerships and manufacturers to help public hospitals prepare for the epidemic. Securing protective gear was not easy, as worldwide demand for P.P.E sets is overwhelming, but as we are a serious customer, we were able to negotiate the necessary purchases. First of all, we arranged to buy 150 ICU beds; then, we decided to supply ONCOLAB laboratory with Covid-19 testing device, and eventually, we were able to buy 50 thousand personal protection gear sets for our frontline medical workers. It is not our last purchase in our Covid-19 relief initiative, and to support our efforts we launched an intervention fund, says Lidia Niedźwiedzka-Owsiak, board member and medical affairs director at the GOCC. 


Our charity has launched an intervention fund, which will allow our business partners, companies, and other business entities finance our Covid-19 relief initiative. Our aim is to raise money to buy more equipment for hospitals fighting the pandemic in Poland. At this moment, we are not launching a public collection, rather, we want to use the money donated by companies. 


The foundation was able to secure the purchase of 150 ICU beds for specialized, isolation hospitals which are tasked with treating Covid-19 patients. In order to facilitate and speed up virus detection, the board of the GOCC decided to buy specialized laboratory equipment which will be used to analyze Covid-19 test samples. The additional equipment will speed up the process and will significantly increase the efficiency of the lab. 

So far, the foundation has allocated PLN 20 000 000 (EUR 4 400 000) toward Covid-19 relief initiative in Poland. 


Jurek Owsiak, fot. Marcin Michoń

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