Grand Finale

30th Finale – Ready, Steady, Go!!

2022-01-30 15:14:03

The Grand Finale has begun!


We started the 30th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity with the amount of

41 538 333 PLN!


This is almost PLN 1 million more than a year ago, when we started the 29th Finale!

The above amount is as of 8:00 a.m., and the total is growing by the minute!

This year WOŚP is raising funds to ensure the highest standards of diagnostics and treatment of sight in children.


Jurek Owsiak on the day of the 30th WOSP Finale, photo: Stanisław Wadas



What makes up this amount?

  • Total from the "Get Even with Diabetes" run – 623 350 PLN

For 16 years now, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP) Run "Get Even with Diabetes" has accompanied the Finals of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. The money collected from the sale of the start packages is donated to purchase insulin pumps for pregnant women.


Get Even with Diabetes, photo by Marcin Michon


eSkarbonki are "virtual donation boxes" which can be used by fundraisers to collect donations for GOCC online. You can support both the main GOCC eSkarbonka as well as create your own at


As every year, donors can take part in Allegro Auctions for GOCC, the proceeds from which will support the goal of the 30th Finale. The choice is huge and the auctions can surprise you with their creativity and scale!


This is one of the most prestigious events accompanying WOŚP Finals. Golden Hearts and Golden Call Cards have become the most prestigious symbols of social involvement of individuals and companies in the history of the WOŚP Foundation.



You can also help online! One way is to support WOŚP by making an online donation.


To support WOŚP just send an SMS with the word HEART to 75 565. The cost is 6.15 PLN including VAT.


Be even closer to the GOCC with the mobile application on your phone! Apart from access to current news straight from the Foundation and option to take on the Orchestra's challenges, users can support the GOCC without leaving their home.


As many as 89% of Poles plan to support the 30th WOŚP Finale!






There are as many as 36 ways to support the charity - apart from the aforementioned Allegro GOCC Auctions, eSkarbonka, donations to donation boxes, you can buy special GOCC gadgets. Find out more about all the forms of support here


What is the declared amount?

The declared amount announced at the end of the day of the Finale is the sum of the estimated amounts from each local WOSP HQ organising events, results of electronic collections at the moment of ending the Finale in the studio and donations given by partners.

The final result of the 30th Finale will be announced on 30 March.


What will the donations from the 30th Finale be used for?

This year's Great Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is held under the motto "See the light!", and the funds collected will contribute to supporting diagnostics and pediatric ophthalmology. Every year, several thousand patients are hospitalized in pediatric ophthalmology wards. The most common childhood diseases in ophthalmology are (apart from deterioration of visual acuity) glaucoma, cataract, various injuries and tumours. Many of these require surgery, for which specialised equipment is needed. Paediatric ophthalmology wards, subdivisions and outpatient clinics will receive equipment such as:


  • slit lamps for diagnosis of the anterior segment of the eye,
  • biplane angiograph for the treatment of retinoblastoma - the most common malignant tumour of the eyeball in children,
  • ophthalmoscopes for eye examination,
  • tonometers to measure intraocular pressure (cornea and lens),
  • synoptophores for measuring the strabismic angle,
  • operating tables.


They are playing with us!

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity could not exist without the Peace Patrol, and being a part of it is a huge responsibility, which is why it is necessary to take care of the volunteers' comfort - this is what the 30th Final's Partners do. They contribute not only to supporting its goal, but also to facilitating the organisation of the event.


Briefing of the Peace Patrol, photo: Michał Kwaśniewski



In order for Patrolmen to quickly get to the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw and ensure safety of participants of the 30th Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, the Capital City of Warsaw and Warsaw Public Transport guarantee, as every year, free rides on public transport for all Volunteers. You will have to show your ID to get a ride. To transport members of the Patrol from the hotel to the Studio, Miejskie Zakłady Autobusowe, which also supports the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, will provide their vehicles.


Our volunteers come from all over Poland and come to Warsaw especially for the Finale day, therefore each member of the Peace Patrol received a code from Flixbus for a free ride to and from the 30th Finale. Free travel for GOCC volunteers is also provided by Mazovia Railways.



 Volunteers of the Peace Patrol of the 30th Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, photo: Marcin Zieliński



When organising such a large event as the Finale, it is essential to have a fast flow of information and efficient communication of all teams working on the organisation of the event, as well as the organisers with Volunteers. Thanks to the SerwerSMS support, communication both before and on the day of the event can flow quickly and effectively.

Transport-wise, we are once again supported by Volkswagen Autoweber and Uber. Volkswagen Autoweber is again with us, making its fleet available to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. If you take an Uber to the Finale, you can choose the option of a ride with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP) and support the goal of the 30th Finale - the cost of each ride will be increased by PLN 5 which will be entirely donated by Uber to children's ophthalmology. What is more, the user with the highest number of Uber rides with GOCC in January will receive a unique golden code for a free ride for a month!




WOŚP also has the technological support of Atende.


One of the partners of the 30th WOŚP Finale is Atende, photo: Paweł Krupka

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