During the 32nd Grand Finale we raised:
281879118,07 PLN
Grand Finale

GOCC auctions never fail to impress!

2023-01-29 16:50:41


Countless online charity auctions accompany every Grand Finale. Year after year, we are surprised by the creative, unique, and extravagant offers on the Allegro platform. Last year's auctions, including a rod of uranium signed by Jurek Owsiak or David Hasselhoff's signed lifebuoy, amazed everyone.



Jurek Owsiak in Allegro zone at GOCC 31. Photo: Marcin Michoń



What is available on Allegro this year?


Are you daydreaming about quitting your mundane desk job? Look no further! Place a bid and become a co-host of a radio show at POPradio 92.8 FM with Dominika and Andrzej.


Do your parents keep complaining you aren't in med school? Buy them an entire day inside the surgery block! How long will they last?


Do your days consist of editing spreadsheets and wishing you lived in the country? Win an auction and work at the Natural Farm Malinówka near Nowogród Bobrzański! Perhaps you'll come back with a newfound appreciation for spreadsheets?


A Cracow Collection Centre offers a run in the first polish tram simulator, Bartek Jędrzejczak will let you try to beat a professional Airbus A320 simulator, and the transit company PKP SKM will let you live a day in the life of a train engineer.


Life isn't all work, though - time to unwind!


We all know a great company is necessary for a great time. Unfortunately, hosting a party requires plenty of time and effort: cleaning, cooking, cleaning again… all of which can be simplified by bidding on our auctions!

Andrzej Grabowski will vacuum your place, Kwiat Jabłoni will show up with snacks, and Make Life Harder will take out your trash. Why not have them all over for a "Make Kwiat Jabłoni Party Harder with Andrzej Grabowski" pack?


The dress code is entirely up to you - Poland's First Lady Agata Kornhause Duda's jacket and Robert Lewandowski's FC Barcelona jersey are both up for grabs.


If you prefer calmer pastimes, how about walking a dog? Taja, Figa, Felicja, and Glutenek are all waiting for you. And, if one dog isn't enough, here is an entire pack of golden retrievers!


Or maybe an adventure? How about seeing the northern lights or an NBA Game?




Allegro Zone in the TV Studio at the 31st GOCC Grand Finale Fot. Michał Kwaśniewski

Currently, there are over 150 thousand GOCC auctions on Allegro - each one is unique, engaging, and one-of-a-kind. Behind each is a person doing their best to support our cause - like 10-year-old Dorotka, who is auctioning her drawing.


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