The 32nd Grand Finale will be held in:
49 dni
Grand Finale

1,650 Collection Centres join the Grand Finale fundraiser!

2022-12-06 13:11:53

We could not ask for a better gift on 6 December! The number of registered Collection Centres and volunteers every yea leaves us speechless! Thank you!


 The Registration of the Collection Centres was launched on 17 October and lasted till 18 November. We have accepted 1,650 Collection Centre applications!


We would like to remind you that you may still volunteer! So far there are 57,347 activists registered!


We want to beat sepsis – we will play for all, the little and the big ones – this is the main motto of the 31st Grand Finale fundraiser.


The GOCC Volunteer, photo: Marcin Zieliński


Our Orchestra is a world-class group that plays even in the most distant places on Earth! This year, 87 Collection Centres from 25 different countries submitted their application to join our Summer Blaze in January! They will fundraise in:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • the UK
  • the USA
  • Belgium
  • Cyprus
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Croatia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Luxemburg
  • Denmark
  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • Iceland
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • France
  • Italy
  • Indonesia
  • New Zealand

The complete list of all registered Collection Centres is available online!



Would you like to volunteer? Piece of cake! Register:

  1. Online via platform
  2. At your local Collection Centre


The GOCC Volunteers in Warsaw, photo: Michał Złotowski

You can find detailed instruction here


The traditional fundraiser is held in the streets on 29 January 2023. However, you may support the main objective of the Grand Finale already in December by donating online or participating in various Events organized by local Collection Centres.


31st Grand Finale. We fight with sepsis – for the little and the big ones!

To purchase the medical equipment for early diagnosis of the bacterial infection that causes sepsis – this is the main objective of the upcoming 31st Grand Finale. For the first time in the history of the Orchestra, the Foundation will purchase medical equipment for all patients in need, regardless of age. The traditional public fundraiser will be held in the streets on 29 January 2023, but the online fundraisers and numerous events organized by the Collection Centres will be launched already in December.

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You can support the 31st Grand Finale now!

We have been enhancing our electronic forms of support, so that helping during the Grand Finale is easy and simple! Apart from joining a Collection Centre and fundraising as a volunteer, there are other ways to aid the main objective of the 31st Grand Finale!

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The aim of the 31st Grand Finale fundraiser explained

This year’s theme of the GOCC Grand Finale declares a fight with sepsis, a severe life-threatening medical condition. The latest WHO’s research shows that it may be the main cause of deaths in the world.

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Blenders for the 31st Grand Finale in Warsaw

It sounds like fun! Jurek Owsiak in his weekly radio programme on Antyradio announced that Blenders will show up to play their concert during the 31st Grand Finale!