Grand Finale

3 days of GOCC in Edinburgh

2018-01-08 11:43:45

The Edinburgh Collection Centre invites everyone to take part in the weekend Grand Finale festivities in the capital of Scotland. 

The Grand Finale will kick off on Friday the 12th with a family-friendly Cooltural Friday event, which will be all about the arts - first, a play then an exhibition followed by an art auction. Saturday's highlight will be a family picknick.There will be fun activities for adults and children, such as board games competitions, arts and crafts workshop, games, book fair and music presentations. Your Saturday plans are sorted, then! Sunday will be all about music. The concerts will begin at 2 pm and we plan to have fun until 1 am! We also invite all of you to take part in the charitable auctions - there will be some great items on offer, such as a balloon ride and signed souvenirs from Poland. 



Lang may yer lum reek!

Edinburgh Collection Centre

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