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Stationary Collection Boxes – how to?

2022-12-20 17:43:03

A Stationary Collection Box is a perfect solution for companies who wish to support the GOCC’s initiative by joining the 31st Grand Finale fundraiser at their premises. Whether you run a small, medium or a big company, you may all the same participate in the collection!


Volunteer, photo: Łukasz Widziszowski


What is a Stationary Collection Box?


A Stationary Collection Box is a cardboard collection box which alike the volunteer’s Collection Box is colourful and fun. It is assigned to a particular Custodian – a person responsible for the given fundraiser to the specific Stationary Collection Box, and to a particular office/shop/centre/point/headquarters (e.g. library, or a barbershop).


You may register your Stationary Collection Box using one of the two available options:

  • You may register the Stationary Collection Box as a Custodian via the platform (follow the “Chcę zarejestrować firmę”/”I want to register a company” steps)
  • You may fill in a Stationary Collection Box Application Form at the Collection Centre. If you register your Stationary Collection Box by a Collection Centre, the Collection Centre will be responsible for the fundraiser and for settling the accounts.

The fundraiser run through the Stationary Collection Boxes is held between 10 December 2022 and 29 January 2023.


See the Rules and Regulations of the 31st Grand Finale Stationary Collection Boxes and Stationary Collection Centre Collection Boxes.


Stationary Collection Box - contact Collection Centre
  • How can my company register on the iwolontariusz platform?

    Your company can register as our "volunteer" using our online platform. The platform gives you a variety of different fundraising options, such as online collection (eCollection Box) or Stationary Collection Box, which is a cardboard Collection Box, which can be displayed on your business premises. 

  • What is a Stationary Collection Box exactly?

    Basically, a Stationary Collection Box is a cardboard Collection Box which can be displayed on the premises of different businesses and companies. It must be displayed alongside a certificate, which confirms that business owners have registered the collection and that the money raised on heir premises will be donated to our charity in its entirety. 

  • Can I display your Collection Box on my premises?

    Yes, of course, but you have to register your fundraiser on our website first! 

  • What's the difference between a Stationary Collection Box and a Stationary Collection Box Collection Centre?


    A Stationary Collection Box is a Collection Box which can be displayed on premises of a shop, business - any publicly available space, where people can donate money. It should have its guardian assigned to it instead of a volunteer responsible for the collection. A local Collection Centre takes on the responsibility of overseeing the collection. 


    A Stationary Collection Box Collection Centre is a form of the fundraiser which is best suited for companies which have different premises located across the country or city. Think a chain of shops, or garages, or hair salons, which are run by the same management, which oversees the collection in different locations. 

  • How to apply to display Stationary Collection Box on my premises?


    Collection on business or Collection Centre premises from 15.12.2020 until the day of the Grand Finale on 10.01.2021. 

    You can register your Stationary Collection Box as a Stationary Collection Box by the Collection Centre or by its Guardian. 

  • Can my company fundraise online?

    Yes, of course. You can register an online Collection Box which will be assigned to your company. Your eCollection Box can be registered to start fundraising on December 1st, 2020 and you can keep it running until the Grand Finale on 10.01.2021. 

  • Where to look for a Collection Centre which will help me with registering my own Stationary Collection Box?

    Once you register on our platform, you will be able to search for your local Collection Centre, which will oversee the collection on your business premises. You can search by the ID of the Collection Centre, or browse by location. 

  • How will I find out that the Collection Centre accepted my request?

    Once you applied to receive a Stationary Collection Box from a Collection Cente, you can follow the progress of the application online. The change of the status will be visible in the "application status" tab. 

  • What are the benefits of registering on iwolontariusz platform?

    You can then run your online collection and support our objective with the entre company! 

  • Can I display a Stationary Collection Box without the permission from a Collection Centre?


    No, you must apply to a Collection Centre to receive a Stationary Box, if you want to run collection on your premises. The Collection Centre manages and oversees the entire collection in the local area, providing you with the Collection Box itself and any promotional materials you might need to run a successful fundraiser. 

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