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Our Charity Set to Improve Cancer Diagnostics

2020-09-29 13:54:31


Medical Affairs Director of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation, Lidia Niedźwiedzka-Owsiak and Chairman of the Board of the Charity, Jurek Owsiak pledged to purchase one of the most modern pieces of medical equipment on the market - PET/CT scanner. The device will be donated to Memorial Children's Hospital in Warsaw, which is leading children's hospital in Poland. The hospital is also a leading research facility, where doctors and scientists look into best and speediest methods of diagnosis and treatment. The PET/CT scanner, which will be the first device of its class in the country, which combines two forms of scanning, allowing for precise diagnosis, which, in turn, will enable doctors to come up with a tailor-made treatment for their patients. Speedy and exact diagnosis is the key to successful treatment of oncological diseases in children, and it dramatically improves the chances of fast recovery. 


The charity and hospital officials are working towards establishing parameters of the machine. The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity has so far donated over 1 200 to the Memorial Children's Hospital. These devices are worth over PLN 53 000 000 (well over EUR 1 1000 000).   



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