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How Much Did we Raise Throughout the Years?

2021-04-19 08:46:21


During 29 years of our charitable work, we raised a sum that has just surpassed the mark of PLN 1.5 billion. We were never focused on setting new records, but it seems that your generosity only grew, surprising us each year! A few years ago, we officially announced the final result of the 29th edition of our fundraiser. Despite the pandemic and the restrictions, we managed to raise a stunning amount of PLN 210 813 830, 10 (EUR 45 993 068,79). Let's see how the fundraiser progressed throughout the years! 


Jurek Owsiak podczas 29. Finału WOŚP fot. Lucyna Lewandowska

The first Grand Finale was held on January 3rd, 1993. We wanted to raise money to buy equipment for children's cardiac surgery wards. It was one of the first-ever big scale charitable fundraiser in Poland. We managed to raise PLN 3 773 443,38, and we bought some essential pieces of equipment such as heart monitors, incubators, AED, syringe pumps, pulse oximeters, CPAP machines, and medical ventilators. The result of our most recent Grand Finale fundraiser totalled PLN 210 813 830,10 - 20 million more than we raised last year and over 55 times more than we collected in 1993. 

The money we raised in 2021 will be used to buy medical devices for pediatric ENT to treat the conditions of ear, nose, and throat and head diagnostics equipment. We will buy laryngoscopes, endoscopes, and diode lasers. 

We put plenty of emphasis on the transparency of our actions, publishing detailed financial reports showing the public how we spend the money we raise. Traditionally, we publish the initial report right before the Grand Finale fundraiser - listing how much we have already spent, what equipment we purchased, and how much money we spent on running our medical initiatives. It is worth noting that we consider a contract for the purchase of medical equipment to be closed and completed once the devices are delivered to hospitals, staff trained on how to use the equipment, and patients can receive treatment using new devices. It is also worth mentioning that some pieces of equipment are specially manufactured to fit our requirements. That is why the process of reporting each Grand Finale's purchases takes over a year. 


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Thank you for Donating 1% of your Tax!

We raised PLN 17 234 732 (over EUR 3 800 000) through 1% tax donation. Polish revenue allows taxpayers to choose a non-governmental organisation which will receive a donation amounting to 1% of their tax.

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Volunteer Registration Online

Our online volunteer registration platform is now live. You can log in or register to become a part of the Grand Finale fundraiser. Play your part in the Grand Finale and choose your local Collection Centre or opt for an online Collection Box.

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We'll Keep Playing for Charity!

Since the launch of the registration process, over 900 Collection Centres - regional hubs for the fundraising activity - applied to hold their local editions of the Grand Finale fundraiser.