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How to support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity?

2019-01-13 09:51:36

27th Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity will take place on January 13th 2019. You wish to support us, but you're not sure how? Here are the hints!


Drop money into a Collection Box

All around the world, on the day of the Finale, you will notice our volunteers with Collection Boxes. On our website you can check how to recognize them.



Donate online on our website

Go to our website to support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity 27th Grand Finale's cause with your donation. Just mark or enter your amount and choose the method of payment.


Allegro auctions for GOCC

There are two ways you can support us with Allegro Auctions. First, you can put your own items up for auction using aukcje.wosp.org.pl/en. If you have something interesting to share - it can be an item or service - it's a great idea!

Secondly, you can take part in biddings. Do you wish to meet Robert Lewandowski, own Selena Gomez' jacket or simply buy something extraordinary? Be sure to look through the auctions on aukcje.wosp.org.pl/en!


Facebook birthday donations 

The new form of support for 27th Grand Finale are Facebook birthday donations. Those are individual collections organised via social media portal, and any of you can create such collection. If you see them organized by any of your friends, don't hesitate and take part! You can organize one by yourself and invite all your friends. See who's organising them!


Charitable Tax Deduction - 1% Donation

Each taxpayer under Polish fiscal law can donate 1% of their tax to a charity or non-governmental organization they wish to support. You can choose the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity as the beneficiary of 1% of your tax with KRS number: 0000030897. Read more about it on our website.




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