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Fourteen Tips for our Volunteers

2019-12-27 17:22:48


1. I want to volunteer with you, can I still get in touch with my local Collection Centre? 

The majority of Collection Centres finished the process of recruiting volunteers. Some Collection Centres, however,  can still be looking for volunteers. Get in touch with them and good luck! 


2. What can I do to volunteer even though I was too late to register with my local Collection Centre? 

You still can register online  and create your very own online Collection Box. You might not be able to fundraise in public, but you still can make an online collection a success. 


3. Can an underage volunteer collect money on the day of the Grand Finale? 

Yes, of course! You need to remember, however, that your parent or guardian must register a separate account online. What is more, underage volunteers (under 16 years of age) must be accompanied by an adult guardian when collecting money on the day of the Grand Finale. 


fot. Stanisław Wadas


4. What's an eCollection Box? 

It's a great way to take your fundraiser to the next level! Once you register on  platform, you will be able to create your very own online fundraiser. You can encourage your friends and acquaintances to support your fundraising mission. 


5. How does eCollection Box work? 

eCollection Box works like any online crowdfunding and fundraising platform. It accepts all major payment methods. You can encourage your family and friends to support your initiative. Share your eCollection Box on your social media channels! 


6. Can my Collection Centre establish an eCollection Box? 

Yes, your Collection Centre can fundraise online too! 


7. Can I begin my fundraising now? 

If you are fundraising online - yes, you can start your collection now. Your eCollection Box will be active until midnight on Sunday, January 12th 2020. At that point, all money you raised online will be transferred into the Grand Finale account. 


8. Can I support the Grand Finale fundraiser objective now? 

Yes, you can. If you donate online, all the money we raise will go towards purchasing medical objective of the 28th Grand Finale - purchase of equipment for children's surgery and treatment. 


fot. Szymon Aksienionek


9. I will volunteer for the first time, any tips and advice for me? 

  • maintain a positive attitude 
  • never force anyone to donate 
  • be careful and prioritise your safety 
  • make sure to be courteous, polite, and kind 
  • dress for the weather and remember about sensible footwear 
  • stay in touch with coordinators at the Collection Centre 
  • bring friends along 
  • never do door-to-door fundraising 


10. Where can I find a list of all Collection Centres? 

You can browse it online


11. Where can I find more information about the Grand Finale? 

Click here


12. Where can I fundraise? 

You can fundraise only in the area of your Collection Centre. We are not in competition with each other, so coordinators of each Collection Cente will let you know where is your Collection Centre's designated area. 


13. What gadgets will volunteers receive this year? 

Volunteers will get a backpack, lanyard, and a cosy a shawl. 


14. How to become a volunteer? 

Find out more about volunteering here


fot. Igor Kohutnicki


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