Deklarowana kwota 31. Finału WOŚP
30 801 860 PLN
Grand Finale

You can support the 31st Grand Finale now!

2022-12-27 14:35:39

Support the objective of the 31st Grand Finale

Since years, we have been enhancing our electronic forms of support, so that helping during the Grand Finale was easy and simple! Apart from joining a Collection Centre and fundraising as a volunteer, there are other ways to aid the main objective of the 31st Grand Finale!


Volunteer, photo: Marcin Zieliński


eCollection Box

eCollection Boxes are the “virtual Collection Boxes” set up online by volunteers. Every volunteer can launch their very own individual eCollection Box, and everyone can use this feature to donate! Firstly, you have to log into the iwolontariusz platform. Then, it takes just three easy steps in virtual reality to activate this application! Anyone can fundraise – an adult, an underage (upon the legal guardian’s approval), and a company (by appointing a representative).


During the 30th Grand Finale there were 41,711 eCollection Boxes launched – that is 20 thousand more than a year before! The “biggest” eCollection Boxes were set up by:

  • Łukasz Berezak – PLN 313,624
  • Maciej Stuhr – PLN 224,920
  • Radio Nowy Świat – PLN 211,961


You may monitor the current status of the fundraiser through the eCollection Boxes here:




You can launch your collection on Facebook too. All you need to do is to enter the GOCC Facebook profile and follow the steps:

  1. Click on “Raise money”
  2. Choose the GOCC Foundation on the list of charity organizations
  3. Choose the amount, currency, and the deadline for your fundraiser.
  4. Name your fundraiser
  5. Choose your background photo and click “Create”


 You can go to our Facebook profile and donate through our Facebook fundraiser too! 


Donations online via our website

Yet another possibility is to contribute online via! You may select one of two options of your donation – give once and long-running donation (given monthly).


Allegro auctions

One of the forms of support of the 31st Grand Finale is taking part in the Allegro Auctions. The GOCC Foundation have been partnering up with Allegro for the last 23 years! Thanks to Allegro, you may support our initiative by bidding and putting to auction all sorts of different items!


So far, there are 22,664 auctions, and the declared amount is equal to PLN 601,859!


31st Grand Finale – important

To purchase modern equipment for laboratories in Poland which will allow for a quick diagnosis of bacteria leading to sepsis – this is the aim of the upcoming Grand Finale. The traditional fundraiser in the streets will be held on 29 January. The GOCC Foundation will run a live TV and internet broadcast from Warsaw (i.e. its TV studio set up next to the Culture and Science Palace and concert stages set u pat Plac Bankowy). The line-up of the Grand Finale concerts in Warsaw is confirmed  (Dagadana, WaluśKraksaKryzys, Blenders and a Romanian band Dirty Shirt will warm up our hearts). There are 1652 Collection Centres engaged in the fundraiser, out of which 87 are located abroad (i.a. in the US, Australia, Great Britain or at the Polish Polar Station Hornsund).

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