Our COVID-19 Relief Fund Raised
26 195 451 PLN
Grand Finale

GOCC Volunteers Meet-up in Kraków

2016-12-07 14:55:16

We will be waiting for you on November 21st from 4:30 till 8 pm! Come by to our meeting and find out everything about our work and what duties we have prepared for volunteers. If you would like to becoem a volunteer it would be the best chance for you to learn more about what it's like being a person involved in the annual fundraiser. It's also a great opportunity to meet the crew of the Collection Centre and see if you click and will be able to cooperate during the Grand Finale! 

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2019-12-03 16:19:54

Support the Objective of the Grand Finale

Come December all payments made in aid of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity will go towards the objective of the 28th Grand Finale fundraiser. It means that you can already make your first donation and help us buy medical equipment for children's hospitals across the country.

2020-01-11 21:33:47

Kicking off the Grand Finale with a Record

It's Saturday evening, and we still have hours to go before the Grand Finale fundraiser... and we already raised PLN 11 850 688! It's PLN 1 700 000 more than last year. We are beginning like we mean to go on.

2019-12-19 14:52:49

27 Years of Playing for Charity...

Wondering how much we raised since the first Grand Finale in 1993?

2019-12-03 10:42:51

Our First Virtual Charity Run!

28th Grand Finale is filled with exciting novelties. Apart from moving to a new location, we will, for the first time, we break with tradition and move the date of our charitable run to January the 11th - but we have more news about the Get Even with Diabetes race!