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New medical devices in Hajnówka

2021-12-22 11:43:37


The situation on the Polish-Belarussian border was dubbed a major humanitarian crisis, with refugees stranded on the so-called "no man's land" in the forests surrounding the town of Hajnówka. Many of these people suffered from serious injuries caused by fatigue, violence, or exposure. The local hospital took in many patients requiring urgent medical help and struggled to accommodate the rise in demand for some of the most basic equipment such as beds, pulse oximeters, thermometers. In addition, the hospital staff addressed the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity to ask for medical devices. 


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Our charity, which is already majorly involved in the humanitarian help in the border region and finances and runs a Humanitarian Aid Point in Michałowo, decided to provide the Hajnówka hospital with the requested devices and equipment. First medical devices and pieces of hospital furniture were delivered to Hanówka within a week from the request received by the medical department at the charity. 

The first batch of equipment delivered to Hajnówka: 

  • 25 anti-bedsore mattresses 
  • 25 electrically regulated hospital beds and bedside cabinets
  • Eight pulse oximeters 
  • Ten contactless thermometers 


The second batch of deliveries is planned for 2022 and consists of: 

  • Eight blood vessels locators 
  • 4 AEDs 
  • Ten nebulizers 
  • KTG machine 
  • foetal heart rate detector 
  • Five wheelchairs 
  • Four syringe pumps 
  • lift for bedridden patients 
  • bath chair 
  • operating table for pediatry 

Łóżka w szpitalu w Hajnówce

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