Days until 29th Grand Finale
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CPR for Schools

Final of CPR for Schools competition in Warsaw!

2017-09-19 15:13:57

We jumped at the chance to take kids who flawlessly performed in the two previous stage of the competition on an adventure. The first stage of our competition was to prepare a home-made educational poster and the second, much more demanding one required students to come up with their own board game. The beautifully crafted and ingeniously prepared board games tested the players' knowledge about first aid and CPR. 



The winners were invited to Warsaw to take part in a location-based game. Taking the kids across some of the most well-known landmarks of the capital. Exciting tasks took place in National Museum, historic PASTA building, and at the Museum of Warsaw Uprising - among others. Teams which had to navigate a map and complete the tasks with utmost precision and speed. Each task focused on elements of first aid and tested their skills, reflexes, and teamwork abilities. 


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