Grand Finale

Auctions are live now!

2017-12-05 14:50:47

In the 18 years of our collaboration with the Allegro auctioning platform, we have raised 44 million PLN together and we plan to set another record this year too. Last year you have been really generous and we have been able to list 115 thousand unique lots on our site and we have registered 3,2 million visitors.

Each year is different, more diverse, more interesting than the previous and we can't wait to see what 2018 will have in store for us! Last year we closely followed exciting bidding wars. The most anticipated auctions were: a visit to Brussels and meeting with Donald Tusk at the European Parliament and American Chopper motorbike. 

You can either browse through thousands of lots and bid for whatever caught your fancy or list items or services. 

The auctions will last until the mid-February - and with more lots being listed, there will be  a plenty to choose from 


Jurek Owsiak podpisuje przekazany na aukcje strój piłkarski z meczu TVN vs WOŚP

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