During the 32nd Grand Finale we raised:
281879118,07 PLN
Grand Finale

Volunteer now! The registration process is on!

2022-11-18 11:15:00

Volunteers may now register to take part in the 31st Grand Finale! During the January fundraiser, we will collect money to buy equipment for a quick identification of bacteria, which may cause sepsis. 

We want to beat sepsis! We play for all – the little and the big ones! says the main theme of the GOCC 31st Grand Finale


The registration process for volunteers is a next milestone in the preparations for the Summer Blaze in January. The registration process for the Collection Centres was launched in October. The list of registered Collection Centres from Poland and abroad is growing fast. So far, we can proudly say that hubs from Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Cyprus, Norway, Croatia, Australia, the USA, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Canada, Singapore, Japan, France, and Italy joined our forces!


The complete list of the registered Collection Centres is available here


Would you like to volunteer to play with the GOCC Foundation? Easy-peasy! There are two ways to apply:


1. Register online via the iwolontariusz.org.pl platform.

2. Find your nearest Collection Centre and set up a meeting on-site. 


A detailed instruction on how to become a volunteer is available here


Our traditional one-day fundraiser will be held on 29 January 2023, but you may support our initiative already in December via different online channels and fundraising events organized by Collection Centres. 


Peace Patrol

An unforgettable adventure, sense of community, and a solid voluntary work – if you wish to implement these elements in your life, also after the GOCC Grand Finale is over – join our Peace Patrol!  


Last call to enrol for our December Peace Patrol training. It will be held between 9-11 December 2022. Sign up now!



Peace Patrol is amazing people, who make for an all-year-round volunteer group of the GOCC Foundation. They are the fore behind all the major events – the winter Grand Finale and the summer Pol'and'Rock Festival, as well as many other projects in between. 

GOCC volunteers, photo: Michał Złotowski


The 31st Grand Finale fundraiser's main objective 

With the funds to be collected during the 31st Grand Finale, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation plans to purchase:

  • equipment for the identification of microorganisms by Maldi TOF mass spectrometry systems for automated antimicrobial susceptibility testing
  • multiplex PCR-type molecular diagnostic tool for the identification of microorganisms including determination of drug resistance
  • tools for the detection of amplification products of bacteria, fungi, and determination of resistance mechanisms using magnetic resonance technology
  • automated systems for microbiological samples
  • laminar flow cabinets for laboratories.

GOCC volunteer, photo: Cezary Lewandowski


The 30th Grand Finale – in short 

The 30th Grand Finale was held on 30 January 2022. The main objective of the fundraiser was to collect money in aid of children's ophthalmology, to buy some of the most sophisticated devices to save and diagnose children's sight, focusing our efforts on bringing state-of-the-art machines to public hospitals and clinics in Poland. 1633 Collection Centres were engaged, including 90 international hubs in 29 different countries. They organised the work of almost 120,000 volunteers. On the day of the annual fundraiser, Dżem, happysad, IRA, Kwiat Jabłoni, De Mono, LemON, Sorry Boys, and Piotr Bukartyk played on our music stage. During the 30th Grand Finale we raised PLN 224,376,706.35!


In 30 years, the GOCC Foundation has raised the total of PLN 1.75 bln and purchased nearly 70,000 devices. 



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