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Corporate Support of the Grand Finale

2020-12-09 17:18:41


There are 1 362 Collection Centres registered to fundraise in aid of our Grand Finale fundraiser. There are plenty of opportunities for your company to offer support to the activists, volunteers and reach out to the local community. 

If you would like to find out how you can pitch in to help the local Collection Centres - both based in Poland and abroad, in places as remote as Australia, New Zealand, Moscow, or Mexico, to name just a few international hubs of our charitable activity - there is a variety of ways in which your company can help! 

Please bear in mind that each Collection Centre is different, and it might be your company's support which can turn the tide for local volunteers and make their work much easier and the day of the Grand Finale a much more pleasant and joyous occasion for volunteers, event organizers, and the members of the public! 

As we get ready to play in this truly unique Grand Finale fundraiser, which will focus on raising money in aid of children's laryngology, otolaryngology, and head diagnostics, we are sure that there will be many different ways in which your company or business can support your local volunteers. 


29. Finał WOŚP zagra już 10 stycznia 2021 roku! fot. Basia Lutzner


Your support can take a different shape. The simplest of ways in which you can support our charitable drive by donating money to the Collection Centre. The Collection Centre of your choice can use these funds to help finance the running of the event, cover some of the expenses and ensure that their fundraising activities are as attractive as possible. The majority of Collection Centres rely on barter - they ask companies for goods rather than money or rely on their sponsors to shoulder the expenses related to the running costs of their events. The best way to find out what help is required is by reaching out to Collection Centres directly. Each Collection Centre faces different challenges and has different needs, so there is no blueprint for useful and effective cooperation with the volunteers. 


Another tip for a company looking to engage more actively in the Grand Finale fundraiser 2021 is participation in our auction portal. As a company, you can either donate an item or service to be auctioned off by your local Collection Centres. You can also set aside some funds to bid in auctions listed by your local Collection Centres and show your support this way. 


Wolontariusze WOŚP, fot. Lucyna Lewandowska


Contact details to all Collection Centres, which registered with our charity is available on your website. You can browse by location or scroll through the entire list. Make sure to reach out the team at the Collection Centre before jumping into action, and research what the Collection Centre truly needs to hold a successful, fun, and above all - safe event next year! 


In return, the Collection Centre can feature your company or your brand in their marketing materials. Helping a local Collection Centre can build awareness of your brand in the local community, improve your brand image and show that your company and people running it care about important issues and are there when the community needs them the most. You can discuss different opportunities with the team of the Collection Centre directly. 

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