Preliminary fundraiser result: 92 143 798 PLN
Result of the 27th Grand Finale:
175 938 717 PLN
Grand Finale

Ogrodzieniec Is Playing Its Part Too!

2016-12-07 16:02:09

The Grand Finale festivities are a fixture in the local calendar. After the excitment of holidays and New Year's Eve parties comes the time for the Grand Finale. People responsible for holding the fundraiser usually organize a variety of different events such as concerts or artistic performances, which are meant to encourage the members of the local communities to leave their warm houses and take part in the Grand Finale fundraiser. The crew at the Collection Centre in Ogrodzieniec invites everyone to take part in the traditional 'Get Even with Diabetes' run and have an exciting game of paintball. You will be also able to donate blood or sample local cuisine and sweet confection. Traditionally, the day will end with a concert and a beautiful fireworks display. 

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