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CPR for Schools

Little hands, great help

2022-10-14 13:28:03

On Thursday, 11 November, three pupils from Cracow were on their way to school, when they saw an older man collapsing in the street. They immediately assessed the situation and administered CPR: they checked for his breathing (the man was not breathing), gave chest compressions, immediately called for emergency services, and as a result helped the man recover. 


The three little heroes who run the action were: a 10-year-old Blanka Noga from the 4th grade, an 11-year-old Nicolas Gruszka from the 5th grade, and a 14-year-old Jan Jurkiewicz from the 8th grade. Pupils of the Primary School no. 151 in Cracow were observed by astonished adult passers-by. Children are saving the world!


Heroes? Undoubtedly, YES. However, they modestly say, they just did what had to be done. They used their skills and knowledge, their gained at school and during the CPR for Schools training. On the day when they saved a man's life, they gave us an important lesson of a true civic attitude. Their heroic actions proved bravery to be the act of the greatest form of humanity. 


Be proud of them, just as we are. For their heroic, yet very obvious action. 


Blanka, Nicolas, Janek - you are wonderful!


 Our little heroes' Primary School in Cracow

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