At 29th Grand Finale we raised
210 813 830 PLN
Grand Finale

eCollection Boxes are a Resounding Success

2020-12-22 17:39:19


The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation has been cooperating with Mastercard for nine years, and we have been developing new and interesting options for online fundraising initiatives. Upcoming, 29th Grand Finale will mark the 4th time we carried out our eCollection Box fundraising initiative, which allows everyone - literally everyone - to fundraise in aid of our charity! 

It's especially important this year when 83% of Poles admit that 2020 served as a great reminder of what is really important in life, while a stunning 79% of Poles confess that they are now much more empathetic towards the needs of others. 

2020 was a tasking year for many people, and we are gearing up towards a Grand Finale - an event which will unfold in an unprecedented time of pandemic regulations and restrictions. We are focusing on online initiatives, which would engage as many people as possible, and will ensure that they can take part in our fundraiser safely and without risking their health. 


Donate to eCollection Box


One of the ways in which you can join our movement is by registering to volunteer online. Our digital volunteering platform, kindly powered by Mastercard offers you an option to raise money online, using your very own, designated eCollection Box. This year, still with over a month to go before the Grand Finale fundraiser, online Collection Boxes are proving to be more popular than ever. As of December 21st, 2020, there were 8 071 active eCollection Boxes, Digital volunteers raised PLN 307 445. The comparison with last year seems to be inevitable and, at the same time, impressive. We managed to reach a benchmark of PLN 300 000 in early January. 


Mastercard podczas 28. Finału WOŚP, fot. Marcin Michoń

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