GOCC will help 178 volunteer fire departments!

2017-10-04 11:22:45

As we watched the natural disaster unfold in northern and central Poland we saw those first responders on the scene were volunteer firefighters. That's why we decided to purchase and donate equipment to departments which were actively involved in helping to remove the damage caused by the storm. 

Having consulted the regional coordination centres to check what equipment is most necessary in the recovery efforts and we went on to purchase firefighting gear such as generators, mud pumps, chainsaws, and medical equipment such as AEDs, manikins, spinal boards and designated first aid kits. In total, the equipment we will donate this Friday, October the 6th in Bydgoszcz is worth 1,5 million PLN. It's not the first time that the charity has helped voluntary fire departments. All in all, we have donated equipment worth nearly 6 000 000 PLN. 

The ceremony in Bydgoszcz will also serve as an opportunity for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation and National Voluntary Fire Service Association to officially enter into a partnership. We aim to work together to promote first aid and teach others how to save lives. We will team up with the volunteer firefighters for the upcoming CPR record attempt, next year's Grand Finale, and 'FLORIANY' awards for the best local community initiatives. 


Uroczystość przekazania sprzętu zakupionego przez WOŚP w 2010 roku Fot. Ł. Widziszowski

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