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Grand Finale

A quarter of a century together!

2016-12-20 16:31:31

We would like to invite you for a stroll through time, because photographs displayed in the open-air passage in Łazienki Królewskie capture the most memorable images from our long history of 'playing' together. From the very humble beginnings caught in some frankly quite embarassing snapshots (early 90s fashion did not spare anyone!) through some iconic images such as 'little girl with the mug' portrait (who would have believed that the girl is a student now!) and ones detailing the work behind the scenes of the Grand Finale to the most recent images from the last fundraising effort we would like to celebrate our anniversary with all of you.

Check out our exhibition and maybe you will spot some images which will tug at your heartstrings and remember some special moments we shared together? 




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