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The 31st Grand Finale has just begun!

2023-01-29 10:12:09

Take a look at the grand opening of our annual event! All over the world, the international Collection Centres have begun to raise money for the benefit of this year’s theme of the GOCC Grand Finale – a fight with sepsis, a severe life-threatening medical condition.


Canada and the U.S. are just tuning their instruments. Australia, Singapore, and Japan have been playing for a while now. Now Poland joins the worldwide spectacle! The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, under the baton of Jurek Owsiak, intoned the first cords and officially opened The Grand Finale.  


Jurek Owsiak at the opening of the Grand Finale. Photo: Marcin Michoń


We already know that this Grand Finale will be very special. For the first time, the Orchestra plays for everyone – both the little and the big ones. “We want to beat sepsis!” – this is the main theme of this year's fundraising goal. For this purpose, we have already managed to collect PLN 37,226,515 (the declared amount). There are still plenty of other activities ahead of us, which will support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in fulfilling its statutory goals. 


One such activity is the Get Even with Diabetes Race, sponsored by Dawtona. The run in Warsaw starts today (29 January 2023) at noon CET from Bankowy Square in Warsaw, Poland. All entries for the regular run in Warsaw have already been sold, but registration for the virtual run is still open until the end of the day of the Grand Finale, you can still register here.


The official T-shirt of the 17th Get Even with Diabetes Run. Photo by Łukasz Wieleszowski


You can also join our Grand Finale Concert, which will take place at Bankowy Square and will be transmitted online, too. A detailed list of bands with the timetable can be found on our website.


If for some reason you cannot be with us here in Warsaw, you can always watch the Grand Finale in Warsaw on TV and the Internet, or listen to a live stream on the radio. This year’s event will be transmitted through various channels – on Polish television  TVN, TVN24, TTV, during online broadcasts on, Youtube (WOŚP channel), Facebook (GOCC profile), Twitch (Pol'and'Rock Festival channel), on website and traditionally in Antyradio.   


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