Deklarowana kwota 31. Finału WOŚP
30 801 860 PLN
Grand Finale concerts

Join us at Plac Bankowy and Plac Defilad in Warsaw!

The concert of the 31st Grand Finale at Plac Bankowy in Warsaw:


13:40 - Żurkowski
14:10 - Hańba!
14:40 - Gutek
15:10 - Kirszenbaum
15:40 - Kashell
16:10 - DAGADANA
16:40 - Pull The Wire
17:15 - Transgresja
17:50 - Spięty
18:25 - WaluśKraksaKryzys
19:00 - Blenders
19:35 - Sztywny Pal Azji
20:00 - Światełko do Nieba [Eng. “Light to the sky”]
20:10 - Mrozu
20:40 - Dirty Shirt 
21:10 - Dziwna Wiosna
21:40 - LemON
Concerts will also be held in the 31st Grand Finale TV studio at Plac Defilad in Warsaw. Orkiestra Nadarzyn, Kiernozianie, and Voo Voo will play for our audience in the studio to support the initiative. Everyone may visit us at the TV studio anytime. Please remember that due to safety reasons, only a limited number of guests may come inside at a time. You may be asked to queue and wait for entrance.
2023-01-27 21:43:16

31st Grand Finale - watch us online!

The 31st Grand Finale is not just about local events or the main concert in Warsaw! Each year we do our best to make it possible for everyone to join our Orchestra from every corner of the Earth!