Preliminary result of the 31st Grand Finale: 154 606 764 PLN Our account balance now:
154 606 764 PLN
Grand Finale

Medical equipment for 15 towns in Poland

2022-03-15 16:28:46


The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity aims to support people fleeing the war in Ukraine by strengthening and improving conditions at hospitals in Poland which admit and treat patients from the war-torn country. Ensuring that everyone who seeks help in public hospitals in Poland has equal access to treatment is essential. As a result, patients fleeing Ukraine can continue their treatment in Poland. 


So far, we have bought 389 medical devices for PLN 2 388 430, 59. We intend to keep 

The equipment will be donated to the following towns: 

  • Białystok
  • Częstochowa
  • Chorzów
  • Gdańsk
  • Katowice
  • Kielce
  • Kraków
  • Lublin
  • Łódź
  • Olsztyn
  • Poznań
  • Płock
  • Przemyśl
  • Rzeszów
  • Szczecin
  • Warszawa
  • Wrocław
  • Zabrze


We also support children's cancer wards, where little patients from Ukraine will continue their life-saving treatment and the neonatal ward in Przemyśl, which welcomed an influx of expecting mothers from Ukraine. 


Sprzęt medyczny. fot. Łukasz Widziszowski

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