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Grand Finale

Run your Digital Fundraiser

2020-12-10 18:15:21


We have teamed up with Mastercard to launch the option to create online fundraisers for everyone, who is willing to participate in the fundraiser. You don't have to register with your local Collection Centre or complete any other formalities, fill in forms and locate any other documents or do anything else than log into your computer! It should take no more time than creating a new e-mail account! 

How to go about creating your own eCollection Box? First of all, you should have your computer handy. You'll also need your internet connection to be reliable and swift. Are you ready? Then, you'd just have to follow some simple steps to begin fundraising online! 


1. Create your very own account on our iWolontariusz database. If you are underage, please ask your parents or guardians for help when filling the initial steps of the process. 

2. Creating an eCollection Box is the next step in the process, where you launch your eCollection Box. 

3. Read through our privacy policy carefully. 

4. We're done - now on to personalizing the site of your eCollection Box. 

How does the eCollection Box work? 

Your friends and family can donate to your eCollection Box using digital payment methods, by card or by bank transfer. You can share the link on your social media and let them know that you are raising money. 

When can I raise money using my online Collection Box? 

You can begin fundraising as soon as you launch your eCollection Box. You can run the collection until the 15.01.2021. You can launch your collection even on the day of the Grand Finale, so it's never too late to become a volunteer! 

eCollection Boxes for corporate entities and companies 

A company employee can run a collection on behalf of the company. If you take up upon yourself to launch the collection, you become responsible for running it in its entirety. 

Pitch in 

Can't cope with the pressure of running your own collection? Just donate in aid of the Grand Finale fundraiser! Why not use an eCollection Box? 


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