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Every Fifth Medical Device Donated by GOCC

2020-02-05 13:01:01


One of the most frequent arguments from the critics of our charity is the fact that our activity is the fact that they cited that our contribution to the Polish public hospitals is nothing compared to the massive input of the state budget. Ardent attackers of our initiative resort to analysing the results of our fundraisers with the government's budget and are eager to point out the overwhelming disparity between the sum we can contribute with the money the state allocates to the purchase od medical equipment.


We have never argued with this comparison - we are well aware of the fact that a fundraising drive, relying on the generosity of people, cannot match the budget of the entire country. As a non-governmental organization, we can focus on financing the purchase of sophisticated medical equipment and fund the running of medical and educational initiatives. We cannot and do not compete with the state healthcare budget! 


Gallery of equipment


Lidia Owsiak i prof. Bohdan Maruszewski, fot. M. Michoń


Imagine our surprise when we found out how much money the Ministry of Health allocated for the purchase of medical equipment. Writing for Business Insider Poland, Jacek Frączyk, put out an inquiry, and the Ministry replied - in 2019 the Polish Ministry of Health allocated PLN 845 000 000 for the purchase of medical equipment. In the same year, our charity has bought medical equipment for PLN 158 000 000. Simple maths suggest that our investments are 22% of the overall state budget. Because we focus on paediatrics, and the Ministry of Health buys medical equipment for all branches of medicine, our contributions do not seem that insubstantial anymore. 


We are incredibly proud that our initiative has such a considerable impact on the level of medical care offered at public hospitals in Poland. 


List of hospitals, which received equipment form the GOCC


Sprzęt, który wkrótce zostanie przekazany jako dar fundacji Fot. Lucyna Lewandowska


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