The 32nd Grand Finale will be held in:
49 dni
Grand Finale

What is the date, objective and how to support Grand Finale?

2022-01-25 19:55:49


We are celebrating a serious anniversary - our charity has been "playing" to improve the conditions at public hospitals in Poland - and it seems fitting to hold our annual fundraising drive on January 30th. This year, we will raise money in aid of children's ophthalmology for the first time in our 3-decade long history. In addition, we will buy some of the most sophisticated devices to save and diagnose children's sight, focusing our efforts on bringing state-of-the-art machines to public hospitals and clinics in Poland. What is more, we want to work to establish a training centre for eye surgeons to hone their skills and gain experience. There are 25 medical centres in 17 towns in Poland where children can receive specialized care for eye disorders and diseases. 


Just one day before we all play our part in the Grand Finale fundraiser, those more fitness-minded of us can show their support to another cause which we hold very close to our hearts - 5 thousand runners will take part in a charitable race across the streets of the capital. Even though our flagship event takes place in the capital, you can run wherever you are - the individual races - just you against a 5K distance - can take place throughout the week before the Grand Finale. The money raised through the sale of runner's packs will go towards purchasing personal insulin pumps for pregnant women with diabetes. We donated 1 776 personal insulin pumps, which are rented free of charge to women with diabetes so they can have a safe, healthy, stress-free pregnancy! 


Even though we are supported by a community of almost 120 000 volunteers, you can also donate to our Collection Boxes displayed on business or shop premises, in restaurants, clubs, libraries, and other public spaces. What is more, we are always abreast of the most recent developments when it comes to digital fundraising, so we have a plethora of fun ways to raise money online - safe, secure, and fast! 


Our charitable orchestra plays around the world - out of 1 633 Collection Centres, there are 90  Collection Centres active abroad, so everyone has an opportunity to discover the vibrancy, joy, and traditions of local Polish communities - so you'd have a chance to check out what we are all about yourself! 


Wolontariuszka WOŚP. fot. Łukasz Widziszowki

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