In aid of our COVID-19 Relief Fund we raised:
21 629 867 PLN
Grand Finale

How to support our charity without leaving your home?

2020-01-07 15:50:30


You can donate in aid of our Grand Finale fundraiser from the comfort of your home. There are plenty of secure online methods of donation. 


1. Donate online 

The easiest and most popular method of payment is an online donation on our website. You can choose how much you donate and select your preferred payment method. It's easy and secure and takes less than 5 minutes to support the objective of the Grand Finale. 


2. Donate via direct bank transfer

You can also donate via a direct bank transfer. You can give from a Polish bank account and make payment 29 1140 1010 0000 5244 4400 1028. If you have an account abroad, you should use a SWIFT code before the account number: BREXPLPWMBK PL 29 1140 1010 0000 5244 4400 1028. 

3. Donate via Facebook 

Help us out without logging out of your Facebook account. You can find our Facebook fundraiser here. Facebook donations are sent to our account directly. Donating through the social media platform is easy and quick. 


4. Donate via Text 

For those of you, who have a Polish phone number you can send an SMS to donate. Text "SERCE" to 75 565 to give PLN 5. 


5. Donate via eCollection Box 

Each volunteer can create their own online Collection Box. Just like when donating to a volunteer, each donation is rewarded with a virtual heart. You can donate to your friend's Collection Box (ask them for their personalized link) or donate to the main eCollection Box



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