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Grand Finale

Jurek Owsiak recaps the Grand Finale

2017-01-16 15:35:41

We packed up the studio and were ready to welcome journalists in our office to briefly sum up the highlights of the annoversary fundraiser. The prelimenary amount - prelimenary, because we are still receiving transfers from Collection Centres and waiting for the auctions draw to close - we were able to reveal on the night between Sunday and Monday surpassed the mark of 62 million PLN! This estimate sum is based on reports we receive from our Collection Centres, and we know that some of them are still re-counting the funds. 

The result of online fundraiser exceeded our expectations, because we have received 21 million PLN via different forms of online support. When compared to the result of the last year's fundraiser, when online donations amounted to 14 million, it's a massive increase! 

Another noteworthy element of our fundraiser is the online charitable auction. With 20 thousand unique items on offer, we have managed to raise 5 million PLN. Due to the fact that some auctions are still ongoing, we are sure that the sum is going to be growing until the final day of auction on February the 14th! 


Preliminary financial results of the 25th Grand Finale: 


Golden Heart No 1: 333 333 PLN - Roman Roszkiewicz 

Golden Heart No 2: 262 000 PLN - EUCO Legnica

Golden Heart No 3: 130 000 PLN - Bio-Gen Namysłów 

Golden Card No 1: 50 000 PLN - EUCO Legnica

Golden Card No 2: 16 000 PLN - EuCOcar Legnica 

Golden Card No 3: 10 777 PLN - MASTERBOT.PL 


Online fundraiser results: 


Electronic fundraiser - 21 416 317 PLN

Golden Hearts - 2 263 787 PLN

Golden Cards - 462 753 PLN

Texts - 2 588 835 PLN

Online auctions - 4 966 229 PLN

Polcard credic cards - 529 501 PLN

Donations via WPLACAM.WOSP.ORG.PL - 8 814 896 PLN

Donations via NTERIA.PL - 474 048 PLN

Virtual Collection Boxes via SIEPOMAGA - 520 640 PLN

Vitrual Heart WSPIERAM.TO - 298 250 PLN

Light to heavens via ZRZUTKA.PL - 68 224 PLN

Donations via Facebook & PAYU - 102 080 PLN

Donations via SAMI SWOI - 70 890 PLN

Donations via mobile app- 144 645 PLN

BITCOIN - 13 802 PLN

Donations via POMAGAM.PL - 63 290 PLN

Donations via challenges on WAYMORE - 34 262 PLN

Donations via Digital Heart BLOCKCHAIN - 186 PLN


We are going to be publishing the conclusive financial report in the beginning of March. 


Thank you all! by Łukasz Widziszowski


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