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100 patients tested with PET-CT scanner

2022-11-16 13:10:00

We are so very proud! The most expensive machine bought by the GOCC Foundation, the first PET-CT scanner in Poland for children, allowed for screening of 100 patients so far. 


Purchased in October 2020, the PET-CT scanner is the most expensive device in the history of the GOCC Foundation. The device was the main and only item during the 54th Open Tender, dedicated to ensuring the highest diagnosis and treatment standards in paediatric surgical medicine.


The cost of the PET-CT scanner is as much as PLN 15,890,000. The device was set up in the PET-CT Facility at the Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw in December 2021. 


PET-CT combines two techniques: a positron emission tomography (PET) and an x-ray computed tomography (CT). Such solution facilitates the hybrid metabolic and anatomical imaging and adds precision of localization of the tumour foci. The acquired images allow for more accurate interpretation of the results and implementation of the precisely targeted therapy.


Up to this date, the GOCC Foundation has supplied the Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw with 1,438 devices of a total value of PLN 95 million.



A 100th test with the use of the PET-CT scanner, photo: Children's Memorial Health Institute


In paediatrics, PET-CT examinations are used mainly in oncology to determine the location of live tumour cells in a patient's body at all stages of diagnosis and treatment. 


The device was purchased thanks to the funds raised during the 28th Grand Finale, in January 2020. 


During the 28th Grand Finale the GOCC Foundation played to ensure the highest diagnostic and treatment standards in paediatric surgery. The Foundation collected the funds to purchase the most modern devices to help save lives and health of children who need to undergo surgeries. The Foundation purchased, among others: operating lamps, operating tables, diathermy, anaesthetic machines, monitoring equipment, teletransmission equipment, C-arm X-ray machines, endoscopy sets.

 A 100th test with the use of the PET-CT scanner, photo: Children's Memorial Health Institute


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