Preliminary fundraiser result: 92 143 798 PLN
Result of the 27th Grand Finale:
175 938 717 PLN
Grand Finale

Międzychód Announces Their Musical Guest

2016-12-07 13:47:02

The preparations for the fundraiser are going full speed ahead in different parts of Poland and today the crew at the Collection Centre in Międzychód can share their exciting news - they have managed to book Łzy, a very well known Polish rock band to play at their event! Apart from listening to some great tunes, the crew of the Collection Centre invites you to take part in the traditional 5k run in aid of purchasing insulin pumps for pregnant women, and to try your skills at a charity football game. The activities begin at 10 am, but the volunteers toting colourful cardboard collection boxes will be seen in the streets from early morning till late in the evening! 

When we all meet up on January the 15th 2017 we will be fundraising to help equip paediatric and geriatric wards with new equipment. 

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