We have already raised
11 486 572 PLN
Grand Finale

First Million Raised for our Charity!

2020-12-21 17:23:18


We have raised PLN 1 241 089 in aid of the Grand Finale - even though we are weeks ahead of the day of the fundraiser! Thanks to the digital fundraising and crowdfunding platforms, we were able to kick start our Grand Finale fundraiser in style. You can donate to help us buy medical equipment for children's laryngology, otolaryngology, and head diagnostics choosing one of the online methods available on our website - it's easy, quick, safe - and what is more important than ever - you don't have to leave your home to support the charity. 

We are not looking to break any new records, but comparisons with the benchmark of December last year seem to be inevitable. In 2019 on the very same day of December the 15th, a week and a day into our online collection, we managed to raise just half of the amount we have in our account today! 

Traditionally, we launch an online fundraiser at the beginning of December - it means that all donations made in aid of our charity go towards the objective of the Grand Finale. In 2021 we are going to focus our attention on children's laryngology, otolaryngology, and head diagnostics. 

We want to make digital forms of payment as fun and interactive as possible, taking the familiar action of donation made to a volunteer into the realm of online transactions. We are always looking to develop new ideas while remaining true to our roots of a local, community-driven and community-focused charitable initiative.  

eCollection Box (eSkarbonka) is fast proving to be one of the most popular forms of digital giving and fundraising this year. Powered by our friends at Mastercard, the eCollection Box closely mimics donating to a physical collection box. Everyone - volunteers registered at Collection Centres, private individuals, and even corporate entities can create their own eCollection Boxes and raise money in aid of our charity. 

And again, we'd like to roll out the inevitable comparison between the previous Grand Finale fundraiser, and the upcoming one. There were 1591 eCollection Box fundraisers held in aid of the 28th Grand Finale fundraiser, while there are already 7573 active eCollection Boxes. While we raised PLN 613 000 last time, we already have PLN 265 000 in our account. 

This year we are celebrating another milestone when it comes to the eCollection Boxes - Jurek Owsiak, the chairman of the board of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation, joined the ranks of digital volunteers. 


Donate to eCollection Box


We cannot fail to mention our charitable auctions held on the Allegro platform which were officially launched on December 10th, 2021. Currently, there are 5601 unique auctions live on the platform and the estimated sum fetched in the auctions PLN 655 000. The most expensive auction at the moment is one listed by Radek Kotarski, who is a science blogger and writer, and he donated a limited-edition red Ferrari, which is now listed at PLN 350 000


fot. Łukasz Widziszowski


Upcoming Grand Finale fundraiser has been moved to January 31st, 2021. We are going to focus on buying medical equipment for paediatric laryngology, otolaryngology, and head diagnostics. Due to restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we are moving the majority of events, such as concerts and sporting challenges online. The Grand Finale broadcast will be the longest live charity show in Poland - we will be online for 27 hours! 

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