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Grand Finale

We have started the 27th Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity!

2019-01-13 11:33:55


It’s official! We have just started the most beautiful day of the year, the 27th Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

Jurek Owsiak commencing the 27th GOCC Finale

At the beginning it was dark, pitch black… Then clocks started to appear, clocks from different parts of the world and Jurek Owsiak. The countdown: 3, 2, 1 – START! And with the “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” performed by OSP Nadarzyn Orchestra we commenced the 27th Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.


Beautiful as each year – colorful, loud and positive! So many smiles play and have fun with us – no fuss!

If you wish to support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charit, read how to do it here.


We will be with you in the internet the whole day: on, on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Follow our feeds, message us, read about what’s happening in your cities and countries and let us know how do you participate in this years Finale and have fun. We look forward to checking how beautiful you are with hashtag #wosp2019.


Watch our live transmission in the internet! You will find all the materials on our YouTube channel and on KręciołaTV channel.


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